In defence of public transport

It's early morning and I'm waiting for my daily ride on the tramtrain to Rotherham Parkgate. The weather is rainy but not too cold.

The everyday commute has a bad reputation but truthfully, it not that bad. If you travel on public transport like I do, you can do whatever you want. It's kind of freeing, allowing you to do what ever you want. I'm currently listening to a podcast whilst writing this whilst traveling to my destination. It's great when it works.

But boy it's seems horrible when it doesn't, when everything fails because of delays and cancellations it really make people question their choice. But a lot of these issues arise in regular car travel as well, so there's nothing really different there just that it can be a bit colder. It's the disappointment that really gets to people, the feeling is more pronouced in people who take public transport the odd time than people who drive when the unexpected happens. That shouldn't really be a factor in not using public transport as the benefits (freedom to do what you like, cost, for long distances time saved) definitly out ways the negatives but one bad experience and the damage is done.

I catch a train on the way home that has been on time (to timetable) 0% in the past two months. I kid you not, never been on time, always late. Does this annoy me? No, because I know that it will turn up, just not at that time. Why does it really matter? If a traffic jam occured on the motorway, you'd have no choice but to grit it out if it was your only way home.

Dead time is free time and with public transport, you have more options available than sitting in a car waiting for the traffic to roll on.

The train is on average 10 minutes late, but what that really means is I get 10 extra minutes listening to that audiobook I am really enjoying or I get to enjoy an extra long phonecall with my family. I can continue that project I am working on or jot down new ideas that I may have because I am not concentrating on the road, making sure I don't hit the car in front.

It's the gift of time to do things I wouldn't normally be able to that keeps me going

Using the time commuting effectivly and making the most of the situation. The people who can make the most of the dead time when using public transport see it's benefit, the people who don't well, don't.